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3 AM

 I think you could build an entire Spanish curriculum on the latest Jesse y Joy album.  I probably won’t do that, but here is a three-day lesson based on their song 3 am, which includes vocals from Tommy Torres.  If … Continue reading

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Roberto Wants to be Famous

I had a story I almost always used in class early in the year in an attempt to get repetitions of puede + infinitive (is able do something) and quiere + infinitive (wants to do something).  The story was about … Continue reading

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Unit: Le dio el corazón

At a recent Northeast Ohio TCI event, I watched as Vicki Antequera and Sheryl Rawson demonstrated a story they use for level 1 Spanish and some of the activities they use with it.  I was amazed at the simplicity and … Continue reading

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Jorge needs a job

Here is a story and reading to be used in an upper level Spanish class and possibly adapted for lower levels.  As I’ve mentioned before, I much prefer to focus on compelling input and allow that to drive the development … Continue reading

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Juan está harto de leer los libros

Here’s a story to be asked in class. Juan está harto de leer los libros Key structures: ha leído un montón de libros – s/he has read a ton of books está harto(a) de – s/he is sick and tired … Continue reading

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El secreto del director

After months (years?) of looking over Mike Peto’s incredible resources for El Internado, I’ve decided to give it a try.  So far, after about 15 minutes of viewing the actual program, the students are hooked, and I’m loving the opportunities … Continue reading

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The jealous sister

Here is a story I’ve been using.  It’s a good story for early in the year because the focus is all high frequency verbs (there was, had, wanted, was).  It is similar to another story on my script list, but … Continue reading

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The revenge of the shellfish

I am teaching a dual credit class this year, which forces me to do something that no one ever wants to do – adapt a textbook.  As I’m working through the process of converting dead chapters into relevant CI units, … Continue reading

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Think outside the bus

Want to tell better stories? Remember The Wheels on the Bus.  My daughter and I sing it often.  We start with the traditional . . .  The wheels on the bus go round and round The baby on the bus … Continue reading

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NTPRS 2014

I met many people during the week at NTPRS who mentioned that they enjoy reading this site.  Thanks for the encouraging comments.  The comments also made me realize that people ACTUALLY read this stuff, so I better get it together. … Continue reading

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