Webinar – Teaching Remotely with CI


Teaching remotely is not ideal, but many of us find ourselves quickly learning to become online instructors.  Join us today at 1:00 pm EST as I share principles and specific programs I use to teach Comprehensible Input in a remote setting.

Register here:  Teaching World Languages Remotely with CI

Comprehensible Input classes are built on exposure to natural language use and interaction between students and teachers. How do exposure and interaction fit in a remote learning situation? Is it even possible to provide input while not in the same room with your students? Yes. It is not an ideal situation, but we can help our students grow in proficiency even when we are separated. We will discuss principles that apply to most remote learning classes, such as providing compelling content, keeping students accountable, personalizing content, and creating practical assessments. We will also examine a few specific resources that can be used to increase the amount of input we provide and improve the experience. The strategies and resources we discuss will be useful for any future out-of-classroom learning.

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5 Responses to Webinar – Teaching Remotely with CI

  1. Susan Campbell says:

    Hi Brian
    Will you be offering this webinar again or is there a recorded version?

  2. Brigitte Kahn says:

    Unfortunately, I was unable to attend your webinar. Is there a recording of it available some place? TIA!!!

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