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Los Sobrevivientes: A TPRS Novel

I am pleased to announce the release of a Spanish TPRS novel that I have written and published.  The novel is called Los Sobrevivientes and is available now.   Los Sobrevivientes is based on the incredible true story of the rugby … Continue reading

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Here’s another way to provide input while investigating target language culture. I believe I borrowed this idea from someone a couple years ago, but I cannot remember for sure.  I am in my second year of using it, and it … Continue reading

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Unit: Le dio el corazón

At a recent Northeast Ohio TCI event, I watched as Vicki Antequera and Sheryl Rawson demonstrated a story they use for level 1 Spanish and some of the activities they use with it.  I was amazed at the simplicity and … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Increase Reading Engagement

Reading is essential to language proficiency growth. However, reading activities are pointless if students do not engage and actually read the text.  So, how do we get our students to engage with a text?  This can be especially difficult as … Continue reading

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Text message reading

Here’s a fun way to add a bit of spark to reading, especially dialogue/conversation.  Use the website to create fake text message conversations.  The site is pretty easy to learn and use.  Each “screenshot” can be downloaded and added to … Continue reading

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El corazón de la madre / La Coeur de Ma Mère

Here’s a story based on an authentic song in French.  Christy Miller, the French teacher at our school was teaching a unit based on the song.  I liked the story so much that I decided to create a Spanish version. … Continue reading

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Let’s lose them

Have you ever been lost in a book?  Of course you have; we all have.  Have your students ever been lost in a story in class or a reading?  Do they get so caught up in the humor or the … Continue reading

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La tienda de mascotas (Story Script, Reading, Movie Talk)

  A story, a reading and slides for Movie Talk based on a pet store, annoying talking animals and big ears.  Materials are in Spanish. Un mascota nueva: This story script can be “asked” in class.  The story involves a … Continue reading

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El hombre inocente: an embedded reading

Here’s an embedded reading in Spanish about an innocent man in prison and his attempt to escape.  I started with the following presentation of new terms and the base version of the reading: El hombre inocente – vocabulary and base version … Continue reading

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Reading Homework

Here’s an activity I assigned recently to be completed out of class.  I wanted to utilize the many stories I had created from past years that would otherwise go unused.  I chose and printed about 30 readings from my TPRS Readings Database. … Continue reading

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