Los Sobrevivientes: A TPRS Novel

BookCoverImageI am pleased to announce the release of a Spanish TPRS novel that I have written and published.  The novel is called Los Sobrevivientes and is available now Los Sobrevivientes is based on the incredible true story of the rugby team from Uruguay that was stranded in the middle of the Andes mountains after a plane crash in 1972.  Abandoned, forgotten and left for dead, several of the passengers endured the brutal conditions and found a way to survive for 71 days.  The novel was written for Spanish 2 or 3, but the compelling story will inspire students at any level.  Even my students who “hate reading” have enjoyed the story.  A plane crash, cannibalism, an impossible 40 mile journey through 100 foot deep snow and a triumph of the human spirit.  What more could you ask for in a 7,000 word novel?

Here is a trailer based on chapter 4 of the novel.  It can be used to generate interest before reading or add drama to one section of the story.

You can find the novel here:

Los Sobrevivientes

Please contact me (bryankandeltprs@gmail.com) if you are interested in ordering a class set.

Also, here is a resource with a variety of comprehension activities for each chapter.  It can be used in or out of class.

Los Sobrevivientes: Individual Reading Comprehension Assessment 

Here is a digital copy of chapters 1-3 to give you an idea of the level of writing used within the novel.

Los Sobrevivientes Sample (Chapters 1-3)


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11 Responses to Los Sobrevivientes: A TPRS Novel

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  3. Andrea Pinto says:

    Hi, is it possible to see a 1 page excerpt, to get an idea of the reading level? Thanks

  4. Elaine Tolvo says:

    How do I contact you for class set prices and questions about the grammar… any perfect tenses , future, contiditional and past subjunctive?

  5. laprofemarta says:

    Would I be able to purchase this from your site and download it to my computer?

  6. Gloria Miller says:

    My Spanish 4 students are diving into Los Sobrevivientes this week. (I purchased their copies from Amazon for senior gifts). Thank you for the study packet available on this blog.
    Señorita Miller

  7. Christina says:

    I just need to tell you that this book is in my classroom library and one of my level 4 students was reading this last week and he said, “This is the first book that I’ve read in class where I forgot I was reading to learn Spanish.” I thought that was quite a compliment considering I’ve had this student for 2.5 years and he has read a lot of books during FVR! This made me happy and sad. This novel is soooo good! Talk about compelling material! It’s my favorite too! It’s special to me too because I studied abroad in Uruguay. 🙂

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