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Readings database

Another site update is complete . . . ish.  I cleaned up and organized many of my past reading texts and created a database.  Each story is accompanied by a list of the emphasized structures and grammar focus.  Each title … Continue reading

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The magical toad that changed my life

Here are a couple of activities for comparing tenses with students.  We started with the following story script to be asked in class.  The emphasized structures were: tocaba la batería – used to play the drums era perezoso(a) – was … Continue reading

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Keeping in touch

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Google Voice.  Here’s a way I’m using it to keep in touch with students during a break. I created a Google Voice activity and used twitter to notify students about it. … Continue reading

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Reminded of the power of personalized reading

Here are two readings that we used in different levels recently: La entrevista  Leonardo llegó tarde Both readings were received well, led to retention of terms and reiterate the idea that personalized reading is most effective.  As you read them, … Continue reading

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Entrevista con Dr. Phil

After reading the story about the woman who was in love with a duck (last post), we completed this activity.  Students work in pairs to complete two interviews.  In the first, one student is Dr. Phil and the other is … Continue reading

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The magic doll and the woman who was in love with a duck

Here’s a recent reading that was received well.  It’s a rather tragic story about the power of love. We read this a couple weeks after watching Alma.  You may see the connection and use of shared vocabulary. Link to Google … Continue reading

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Embedded Reading – Hay que aprender idiomas

Here is an embedded reading we completed recently in level 2.  It is not a typical embedded reading because there are only two versions and the base version is longer than it should be.  The focus structures were: Me cuesta … Continue reading

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I tried inklewriter for the first time (here).  Inklewriter allows you to create interactive writings.  The result is similar to the old “choose your own adventure” books.  Readers select from different options to direct the path of the story.  It … Continue reading

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El abrigo anaranjado – an embedded reading

In Spanish 2, we’ve been working with an embedded reading that I created entitled, “El abrigo anaranjado” (The orange coat).  I created this reading because I wanted to work on some structures that would be important for viewing the “Alma” … Continue reading

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Future from past POV

Here’s a fun way to work on future tense.  Show students your plans for the future from when you were their age.  Of course, your future plans were a bit wild and just happened to contain a lot of useful … Continue reading

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