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The story behind the image

Here’s another trick to get more reps. We’ve been using this story (un accidente de autobús), which is based on the structures crashed, broke his ankle and “that’s life”.  It’s a home run story that always goes over well because … Continue reading

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NTPRS 2014

I met many people during the week at NTPRS who mentioned that they enjoy reading this site.  Thanks for the encouraging comments.  The comments also made me realize that people ACTUALLY read this stuff, so I better get it together. … Continue reading

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Mad Libs – CI style

Here’s a slight variation on storytelling if you feel you need a change-up in the routine.  In a “Mad-Libs” style, students provide the details for a story without knowing how they will fit until the story comes together.  You can … Continue reading

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The magical toad that changed my life

Here are a couple of activities for comparing tenses with students.  We started with the following story script to be asked in class.  The emphasized structures were: tocaba la batería – used to play the drums era perezoso(a) – was … Continue reading

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A true friend always listens

Here’s an idea that’s just quirky enough to work.  I wanted to do a quick retell/speaking practice, and  I wanted all students to speak.  I passed out little paper cutouts of the outline of a man and told students he … Continue reading

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Phone message retells

Here’s another way I’ve used Google Voice to evaluate speaking.  I’ll briefly detail the four days from presentation of vocabulary to student retells. We were using the unit, “un accidente de autobus”.  Vocabulary and text here. Day 1: Presentation of … Continue reading

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blind re-tells and textivate

I used blind re-tells in class today in levels 2 and 3 and was very pleased with the results.  In both classes, we started stories yesterday and finished them today.  In level 2, we were working with El chico perezoso buscó … Continue reading

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