El corazón de la madre / La Coeur de Ma Mère

Here’s a story based on an authentic song in French.  Christy Miller, the French teacher at our school was teaching a unit based on the song.  I liked the story so much that I decided to create a Spanish version.  Of course, this works better in French because of the authentic resource (song).

The basic story is that a man falls in love with a woman.  The woman asks him to kill his own mother and bring her heart to his lover.  He does and as he’s running back to his lover with the heart in his hand, he trips and falls.  The heart of his mother rolls on the ground and then begins to talk.  It asks, “Are you all right, my son?”  “Does anything hurt?”

I asked the story in class one day in the present tense.  We focused on the structures “se llevan bien – they get along well” and “necesito que me hagas un favor – I need you to do me a favor.”  The second day, we read the story in the past tense.  Here is the text:

El corazón de la madre

Here’s the song:

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1 Response to El corazón de la madre / La Coeur de Ma Mère

  1. Maria says:

    Can you give me Christy’s contact info – I teach French and would love her story unit to go with the song. mariacochrane@gmail.com

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