New Spanish Novel – El Carterista de Pamplona

El carterista de Pamplona Spanish Level 3/4 ReaderEl Carterista de Pamlona, my latest Spanish novel, is now available from Voces Digital.

For Arturo Lopez, the greatest pickpocket in all of Pamplona, the San Fermín festival is the best time of year. Thousands of tourists invade his hometown every July to run with the bulls, watch bullfights, dine in Hemingway’s favorite cafes, dance in the streets, and leave behind ordinary life for eight days of celebration. Much to Arturo’s delight, they come with their passports, their cell phones, and their wallets full of cash.

An unexpected run-in with the police leads Arturo to the opportunity of a lifetime—a job so rewarding it could change his future. As he seeks to gain incredible wealth, he learns even more about his city and the festival that has made it famous. He quickly finds himself in over his head, running for his life, and learning lessons he never knew he needed to learn.

This action-packed story—with color illustrations, multiple tenses, 625 unique words, and a glossary—is comprehensible for intermediate-level students in late Spanish 3 and above.

To read the first chapter, purchase copies of the book and find more information, visit this page.



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4 Responses to New Spanish Novel – El Carterista de Pamplona

  1. Moises Sanchez says:

    How can I get El carterista de Pamplona on e-book format for all my students?

  2. Ezequiel Madrigal says:

    Hello! Do you have a total word count for the novel? We are considering it as a class novel but wanted to compare length to other books we have read to see if we will have time for it this semester

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