Reading Workshop

On October 11, I’ll be presenting an OFLA sponsored workshop in Avon Lake, Ohio.  We’ll discuss and try out several strategies to make reading compelling, comprehensible and varied.  See the information below.  I’d love to see you there.

Inspire to Acquire: Reading Strategies for the World Language Classroom with Bryan Kandel

Reading is an essential source of input in all world language classes.  Students who read well quickly improve their proficiency. However, engaging students in the reading process can be a challenge for teachers.  How do we provide compelling texts that our students will want to read? How do we make the texts comprehensible? How do we know if the students have understood?  How do we expand a text into cultural discussion in the target language? How do we create a classroom culture in which reading is accepted and enjoyed? In this workshop, we will explore strategies and techniques for increasing reading engagement in the world language classroom.  

  • Special NEOEA Day Pricing
  • Bring your own device
  • Continental breakfast included, please bring a lunch (refrigerator/microwave available)
  • 5 contact hours
  • Enter through south parking lot doors
  • Register here
  • Registration is non-refundable
  • More info:
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1 Response to Reading Workshop

  1. Christina says:

    I know this is a stretch but…would you by any chance ever be coming to Colorado to do a reading workshop?

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