TPRS Novels

BookCoverImageLos Sobrevivientes: This 7,000 word Spanish novel tells the true story of Flight 571, which crashed in the Andes mountains between Argentina and Chile in 1972. Left for dead, facing chilling cold and with nothing to eat, the passengers needed a miracle to survive. The compelling story provides great exposure to the Spanish language and will inspire students of all ages.  Visit this page to order your copies now.

Individual Reading Comprehension Assessment:  This free resource contains a variety of comprehension questions and activities for the entire novel.  It can be used in or out of class.

BookCoverImage (1) La Novia Perfecta: This 5,000 word Spanish novel uses simple language to tell the compelling tale of a man who tries his luck at internet dating and ends up on the adventure of his life. The text can be understood by students in level 2 Spanish classes, and the compelling story will engage readers at any level.  Visit this page to order your copy.