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A Technique for El Internado and Movie Talk

If you’ve ever been frustrated because you feel like you’re not getting enough out of Movie Talk, the following may help . . . If you’ve ever wanted to try using El Internado in your Spanish class but you’re not … Continue reading

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Feast is a Disney animated short that can be used for Movie Talk.  The video can be found here and on Netflix as part of a collection of Disney short films.  Below are two of the resources I created to … Continue reading

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La tienda de mascotas (Story Script, Reading, Movie Talk)

  A story, a reading and slides for Movie Talk based on a pet store, annoying talking animals and big ears.  Materials are in Spanish. Un mascota nueva: This story script can be “asked” in class.  The story involves a … Continue reading

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El día de los muertos – Movie Talk

Maybe a bit late, but here is a screen shot presentation to use for Movie Talk with the video below.  The video is great for discussion, including cultural topics. Día de los muertos – Movie Talk screenshots 

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The power of context

We were working with giving and following directions today (turn right, turn left, go straight . . . etc.).  I had students pretend to drive cars while I showed them projected road signs and told them to turn or go … Continue reading

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“Alma” is a great animated video for Movie Talk or an assessment that many teachers have used.  I’ve been working with it this week in level 2.  We’ve watched it, participated in a Movie Talk discussion, completed listening and reading … Continue reading

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Paperman screenshots for Movie Talk

We did Movie Talk with the paperman video today.  I created a Power Point with screenshots of the video to use for discussion after watching it.  In each class, we watched the video first and then went through the slides … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Ads – Freeze Frame

I was using Movie Talk with the Super Bowl commercials today, and I was getting frustrated at constantly moving back and forth from my computer to pause it.  I also felt like we were wasting some time by re-watching every … Continue reading

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Movie Talk – Super Bowl Commercials

I did some Movie Talk activities in a few classes with Super Bowl Commercials.  Some were better than others based on the content, dialogue, images . . . etc. Here is the Power Point I made with links to most … Continue reading

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Movie Talk – Dog Commercial

I tried “Movie Talk” for the first time on Friday.  It was a light version just to get a feel for it.  There is a tutorial for movie talk here.  I tried it in two sections of Spanish 2.  Basically, … Continue reading

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