12932857_10153418113601316_7903202353707176143_nOver the last few years, I’ve had many opportunities to train teachers in TPRS and CI strategies.  I am passionate about teaching with comprehensible input, and I love sharing with and assisting others.  I’ve worked with teachers of all ages and experience levels in workshops, seminars and individual training.   Many of my workshops have focused on the following themes:

  1. Engaging students in language class
  2. Using students’ lives and interests as a guide for creating activities and lessons
  3. 90% Target Language use
  4. Seamless language classes in which CI occurs naturally without rigid divisions
  5. Creating lessons, units and plans for a CI class

I also have experience in helping other teachers create story scripts and readings that fit their own classes.  Do you have an idea that needs developed?  Do you have a few structures that you need to fit into a story?  Do you want to adapt a story that is close but just not compelling enough for your students?  I may be able to help.

If you are interested in the services listed above, I would love to discuss working with you.  Contact me at