Juan está harto de leer los libros

Here’s a story to be asked in class.

Juan está harto de leer los libros

Key structures:

  • ha leído un montón de libros – s/he has read a ton of books
  • está harto(a) de – s/he is sick and tired of
  • apúrate – hurry

For non-Spanish speakers, it’s a story about two boys who are sick and tired of their boring lives.  Juan has read a ton of books, but he’s sick of reading books and wants to go on a real adventure.  Pedro has seen a ton of movies, but he’s sick of movies and wants to go on an adventure as well.  They decide to rob a bank.

Juan enters a bank, and Pedro waits in the getaway car.  Juan tries to rob the bank, but the teller laughs at him for not having a pistol and tells him to leave.

Juan finds a banana in the car and re-enters to try again.  This time, everyone in the bank laughs at him, and he is told to leave.  He goes back to the car and finds a dead fish (or whatever silly prop you have).  He enters the bank for a third time but gets lucky because the teller is scared of fish.  She gives him the money, and Juan and Pedro drive off.  The police catch them and throw them in jail.  At the end, Juan is sick of jail and wishes he could be reading books.

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2 Responses to Juan está harto de leer los libros

  1. Debra Allison says:

    This is a fantastic story for a structure that doesn’t seem to come up for me as much as I’d like. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jane says:

    Yes, great story. Thanks for sharing it!

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