The jealous sister

Here is a story I’ve been using.  It’s a good story for early in the year because the focus is all high frequency verbs (there was, had, wanted, was).  It is similar to another story on my script list, but I had to change this up a bit because I have a few students mixed into my classes who were with me last year.

Spanish story script: Wendy tenía celos

PQA presentation: Wendy tenía celos PQA

For non-Spanish teachers, the story is about a woman named Wendy who was jealous of her sister.  Wendy was ugly, poor and not popular.  Her sister was rich, beautiful and very popular.  Wendy wanted to be rich, beautiful and popular.  She was jealous of her sister.  After watching her sister’s success in several endeavors, Wendy could do nothing but sit in the street and cry because she was so jealous.  In the street, a magic mouse met Wendy and decided to help her.  He went to the sister’s house, stole her money and gave it to Wendy.  Wendy was rich.  The mouse went back, cut off the sister’s hair and gave it to Wendy.  Wendy was beautiful . . . etc.  At the end, Wendy was all the things she wanted to be, but there was a problem.  The mouse was jealous of Wendy.

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3 Responses to The jealous sister

  1. mpeto says:

    I love these magical animals you insert into your stories who always seem to create a solution and havoc at the same time. Thanks for posting these gems.

  2. Kristin Wane says:

    Hi, can you explain how you use the PQA? I’m not sure how the “globo” the “pelotas de golf moradas” and the “moto” fit into the story…

    • bryankandel says:

      They do not. Sorry. Those were slides from class jokes and a trivia question from that week – unrelated to the lesson. I usually make a copy of slideshows before I add in other class slides, but I must have forgotten and edited a slideshow I had shared. It is fixed now.

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