The revenge of the shellfish

I am teaching a dual credit class this year, which forces me to do something that no one ever wants to do – adapt a textbook.  As I’m working through the process of converting dead chapters into relevant CI units, I’m reminded of how wonderful it is when you have freedom to focus on compelling input (as I do in my 5 other classes).

The following three resources were created for a chapter in the text about cooking/eating.  Even if you are not using a text or working on a cooking unit, they may be interesting to your students and useful for you.

Aquí se sirven los mariscos: A story to be asked in class about a man who is searching for a new seafood restaurant after his favorite place is destroyed by an earthquake.

La propina especialAn embedded reading about a waitress, a cruel customer and a tip left on the table that contains a secret message.

El Mar de MarioAn extended (quite long) reading about a chef who falls in love with a waitress.  He takes her to a romantic dinner at his restaurant, but things go awry when the shellfish, led by a talking lobster, decide to take revenge on the chef.

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