Jorge needs a job

Here is a story and reading to be used in an upper level Spanish class and possibly adapted for lower levels.  As I’ve mentioned before, I much prefer to focus on compelling input and allow that to drive the development of new structures.  However, coordinating with a university course for dual enrollment requires that I take a bit more of a thematic focus.  The following materials are based on the theme of finding employment.

You will notice that the actual text of the story script is short and simple.  This script intentionally involves students in creating the story.  The reading also leaves room for student input.


Story script (present) – El hombre busca empleo

PQA slides (used before and during story script) – El hombre busca empleo PQA

Reading (past) – Jorge buscó empleo


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1 Response to Jorge needs a job

  1. angelobenito says:

    Mr. Kandel,

    Tengo una historia similar:

    “Armando no tiene trabajo”.

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