Twitter: If you’re not using twitter with your classes, why not?  An incredible way to get language to students and remind them of homework or projects.

Class Dojo:  Class Dojo is an online tool that was created to monitor behavior in elementary classrooms.  I use it to keep track of participation points in class.  The app on my iphone connects to the website and allows me to quickly update points all day long.

CLEAR conversations: A site run by Michigan State that is great for individual student video interviews.

Quizlet: A great site for making flash cards and using them to practice.  I’ve used it often for a homework option.

Señor Wooly: Music, videos and activities.  Subscription required but well worth it.

Lyrics Training: Interactive cloze activities for students.  Great for individual/pair work or sub days. Many Spanish songs available and adaptations for various levels.

Akinator: Website that plays 20 questions with you in Spanish and almost always guesses your person correctly.  The genie is scary good.

Textivate: A super easy way to make puzzles and activities out of any text.  Works very well with a smart board.

Screencast-o-matic: An easy online way to make videos of your computer screen.  Great for absent days.

Wideo: Online platform for making animated videos.  Easy to use. A fun way for students to use their cell phones to interact in the target language.

4 Responses to Resources/Links

  1. Jane says:

    I just found your site this week – thanks for sharing so many great resources! I’m especially in love with which I checked out after seeing it here.

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  3. Ruby says:

    Just wondering what you use for your descriptions for class participation with class dojo? I like that it is an objective way to assess but I would like to somehow differentiate the level of student participation (i.e., initiating conversation, simple response versus descriptive).

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