SpinTX – Interviews with native speakers on various topics

Es dificil

Mi rutina diaria

Videos de Agustin

Love recipe (MT)

Paperman (MT)

Alma (MT)

Oktapodi (MT)

El hombre ciego

MT = Movie Talk.  The video may not contain Spanish or any spoken language, but it can be used with class discussion.

2 Responses to Videos

  1. Hey there. Just wondering what you might do as an extension activity w/ the Rutina Diaria video. Or just have them watch it and see how much they understand? Thanks for any tips!

    • bryankandel says:

      I have been LOVING recently. I would probably create a video on there with embedded questions and share it with students to do outside of class. In class, I would probably play it and verbally help with difficult parts.

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