Manotazo: A simple game to review numbers 1-12 played with skipbo cards.  It can get violent.

Basura-ball: An easy game that can be used to review anything and can be played with no preparation.

La silla caliente: A simple game to practice circumlocution.

¿Quién soy yo?: An easy, low-prep game used to review 1st and 2nd person

100: Simple game to review numbers

Vocabulary Tennis: A very quick, no-prep game used to review vocabulary in categories

No puedes sonreír: A very quick game that ends up with most students laughing.  Great way to review one or two phrases, especially a question and an answer.

Cierto o Falso: A review game that can be adjusted for anything.  Students play in pairs.  Can be difficult to control the craziness in big classes.

Cucharas: A card game to review vocabulary.  Quite a bit of preparation required.

Timed charades/pictionary: A slight twist on a classic language game.  Some preparation needed.

Hexagon Game: A Power Point based review game.  Best for small classes.

¿Quién tiene mi . . . ?: A quick game to review physical characteristics.

Categorías: Based on the old game- scatergories.  Template included.

Board Translate: Another variation on an old classic.  Power point preparation and white boards required.

Running dialogue: A game to practice comprehension and pronunciation.  Can get crazy.

7 Responses to Games

  1. yeclaeys says:

    Bryan – Are there links to explanations for the last few games?

    • bryankandel says:

      Unfortunately not yet. It’s one of the many things I need to do to “finish” the site. If there is a certain game you are interested in knowing about, let me know. Thanks!

    • SraH says:

      Bryan- me puedas enviar las instrucciones para jugar ” running dialogues” ? Muchas gracias! Noelia

      • bryankandel says:

        Hola Noelia. No tengo las instrucciones escritas, pero no es difícil explicar. Los estudiantes trabajan en parejas. Hay un cuento u otro texto pegado a una pared en el pasillo. A un estudiante le toca correr al pasillo, leer el texto, memorizarlo, regresar a la clase y repetirlo a su compañero quien tiene que copiarlo en una hoja de papel. El primer grupo que tenga todo copiado gana.

  2. Beth P. says:

    Hi Bryan,

    I would love to learn more about the games “¿Quién tiene mi…?” and “Categorías” If you have time to respond that would be great. I am going to try vocabulary tennis tomorrow!

    Thanks for the ideas!


    • bryankandel says:

      For Categorías, I use this sheet: Categorías. I give students a letter and 2 minutes, and they come up with words that begin with the letter. Extra points for original words.

      For ¿Quién tiene mi . . . ?, One student gives me an object (phone, keys, pencil) and leaves the room for a minute. I give the object to another student who hides it. The first student returns and has to guess who has it by asking yes/no questions. Is it a boy? Is he wearing a red shirt? Does he have long hair?

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