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The story behind the image

Here’s another trick to get more reps. We’ve been using this story (un accidente de autobús), which is based on the structures crashed, broke his ankle and “that’s life”.  It’s a home run story that always goes over well because … Continue reading

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NTPRS 2014

I met many people during the week at NTPRS who mentioned that they enjoy reading this site.  Thanks for the encouraging comments.  The comments also made me realize that people ACTUALLY read this stuff, so I better get it together. … Continue reading

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Next week, I will be attending the NTPRS conference in Chicago.  It will be my first time at NTPRS, and I am super excited.  I will also be a presenter at the conference.  My session called, “Student-driven curriculum” is on … Continue reading

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How well do you know your friend? (Adapting the newlywed game for WL class)

Here’s another simple game that students tend to enjoy and provides opportunities for many reps of a few target structures.   The game is played in pairs.  The object is to know as much about your partner as possible. Each student … Continue reading

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Yet another analogy

TPRS is a lot like cheese sticks. My mother was watching our kids a few weeks ago.  My daughter, who just turned three, asked for a cheese stick as a snack.  She tends to be very specific in her requests. … Continue reading

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I tried inklewriter for the first time (here).  Inklewriter allows you to create interactive writings.  The result is similar to the old “choose your own adventure” books.  Readers select from different options to direct the path of the story.  It … Continue reading

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9 Weeks Evaluation – Day 1: Interpersonal communication

Yesterday we began the “9 weeks evaluation” in Spanish two and three.  There will be four parts to the evaluation – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.  The evaluation will take two days.  Day 1 was dedicated to the speaking section. … Continue reading

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Impressed and reminded of the value of TPRS

I was reminded of two key points recently: 1. TPRS develops students who can use language 2. Students should be assessed in the way they are taught Last week, we spent some time using Movie Talk and the paperman video. … Continue reading

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Interactive readings

Here’s an activity I’ve used before and we did again today.  It takes advantage of the fact that nearly all of our freshmen and sophomores have their own computers.  Even without computers, this activity could be completed with paper and … Continue reading

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Where do you come up with this stuff?

It’s a question I often get from students.  Where/How do I come up with the structures, stories and readings that we use in class?  I do my best to assure them that although things may get pretty silly in class … Continue reading

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