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The power of context

We were working with giving and following directions today (turn right, turn left, go straight . . . etc.).  I had students pretend to drive cars while I showed them projected road signs and told them to turn or go … Continue reading

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When it falls apart

Unfortunately, not all TPRS stories work in class as they do in my head.  Yesterday, we were working with these structures: Soy el rey – I am the king La gente grita – the people yell Tiene miedo – he/she … Continue reading

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Examples of communication

I am beginning at a new school this year with students who are not accustomed to TPRS/CI.  In an effort to help students understand my definition of “communication” and demonstrate how my class will probably be different than Spanish classes … Continue reading

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Two illustrations to get us going

Two summer jobs and preparing to teach at a new school have kept me away from this site, but I’ll be back at it soon enough.  In the meantime, with the beginning of a new year approaching, here are two … Continue reading

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Goals for the Summer

As I look to the beginning of summer break, I have set a few goals for my time “off”.  I am listing them here as much for myself as anything else, but maybe they can inspire others as well. 1. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on communicative activities

I had the chance to attend a great workshop this morning hosted by two outstanding language teachers from the area.  The theme of the workshop was increasing student speaking in the classroom, and the host teachers presented several handy communicative … Continue reading

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Another small victory for TPRS

I had a very encouraging conversation with a parent recently.  Her daughter is one of our Spanish students who is applying for Dual Enrollment next year.  The application includes a placement test at a local college.  I get a bit … Continue reading

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Impressed and reminded of the value of TPRS

I was reminded of two key points recently: 1. TPRS develops students who can use language 2. Students should be assessed in the way they are taught Last week, we spent some time using Movie Talk and the paperman video. … Continue reading

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