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Show and Tell

Show and Tell is an activity that is used in many language classrooms.  We’ve done it a couple times in level 3 this year, and I’ve been pleased.  It is a good way for me to evaluate speaking, and the … Continue reading

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Google Voice

A recent email from a listserv reminded me of an activity I’ve been meaning to try – Google Voice.  I set up a Google Voice account and number awhile ago but had never used it. Google Voice (here) is a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on effort vs. performance

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a student regarding her grade in another class.  It illustrates the mindset that I am trying to change as I move towards more performance based assessments.  More on my assessment ideas and goals … Continue reading

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9 weeks evaluation – Day 2: Reading, Listening and Writing

Day 2 of the evaluation consisted of reading, listening and writing.  Here’s what we did: Listening: I had my wife help me record two conversations – one for level 2 and one for level 3.  Much of the content was … Continue reading

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9 Weeks Evaluation – Day 1: Interpersonal communication

Yesterday we began the “9 weeks evaluation” in Spanish two and three.  There will be four parts to the evaluation – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.  The evaluation will take two days.  Day 1 was dedicated to the speaking section. … Continue reading

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