Nuestra Historia 3 & 4

Nuestra-Level-3-CoverI love to write stories in Spanish and create compelling content for Spanish students.  So far in 2018, I’ve had an incredible opportunity to do both.  It has been my privilege to serve as the lead author for Nuestra Historia 3 and Nuestra Historia 4.  Both titles are part of the Comprehensible Input based curriculum produced by Voces Digital.  If you teach Spanish, I highly recommend these materials.  I was contracted to write stories by Voces Digital.  I am not otherwise employed by Voces Digital and DO NOT receive more or less of a payment  based on sales.  Thus, these comments and recommendations are my own and do not represent any sponsorship or promotion.

The entire Nuestra Historia program includes levels 1 – 4 of Spanish.  One of the foundations of the program is specialized contributions from several different CI teachers.  My role was to write nearly 70 short stories for levels 3 and 4.  Other teachers and experts contributed other components, such as story scripts (Jim Tripp), activities and Movie Talk scripts (Rachel Emery, Kara Jacobs, Beth Gregones and Stacia Ford), communicative tasks (Diane Aretz), biographies (Dirk Esterline and Arianne Dowd), articles (Minerva Hurtado Requejo) and consultation for all materials (Allysen Clancy).

Nuestra Historia is NOT a textbook with a few CI components included in an effort to selldownload more copies.  It IS a collection of culturally relevant stories with accompanying activities, authentic resources, assessments and opportunities for further investigation.  It is created for and by CI teachers.  It is especially useful for teachers who are new to CI and need a structure as a starting point and for experienced CI teachers who want to include more cultural relevance in their lessons.

All units of Nuestra Historia are based on AP themes, set in Spanish speaking countries, digital and customizable.  Teachers can edit and adapt as they need.  The materials are available for student devices or to be projected and printed.

Here is a video tutorial I created for the first unit of Nuestra Historia 3.  The first four minutes are an introduction to the curriculum.   The rest is a quick demonstration of many of the components in a unit.

Want to try it out?  How about a full access free trial?

Nuestra Historia Free Trial 

Nuestra Historia 3 is available now, and Nuestra Historia 4 will be released soon.

If you have questions, you can contact Erin at



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5 Responses to Nuestra Historia 3 & 4

  1. Kara Jacobs says:

    I LOVE your stories Bryan! Thanks for all your work on Nuestra Historia!

  2. Cecilia Cummaudo says:

    When will Nuestra Historia 4 be released exactly?

  3. Nidia says:

    Hi Bryan, do you have sample syllabus for 1, 2, and 3 of Nuestra Historia? We are using the book for the first time this year and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I can’t find it in the book on line. Thank you! Nidia

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