Pre AP Spanish Units

I spent the summer rewriting my Spanish 4 curriculum.  My goal was to create a better bridge between my level 3 classes and AP level 5.  I wanted to create units that prepared students for the specific requirements and assessments of AP.   The result was several Thematic Units based heavily on authentic materials with resources and strategies to make them comprehensible.   I recently made four of them available.

Each unit is a 20+ page document that includes activities, assessments and links to videos and other resources.  They are designed to prepare students for the requirements of an AP course but with less intimidation.  They fit best in a Pre AP Spanish 4 class but can be used in AP classes or any level before.  Even if your school does not have an AP course, these can be useful.

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One Response to Pre AP Spanish Units

  1. Ellen Roberts says:

    Bryan — this is amazing. You have pulled together a massive amount of wonderful material. I wish I taught an upper level so I could use some of these materials!!! Actually, it is extremely helpful as I truly believe that those of us who are teaching the initial years of language acquisition should be planting seeds and providing students with input that will support what the upper level teachers are covering.

    Thank you so much for generously sharing!!


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