300 Chistes

I often demonstrate to other teachers how I use a daily joke to provide input in Spanish class, and they say something like, “Oooh.  I like that, but where do I find jokes to use for class?”

To which I usually reply, “Uh . . . I um . . . I just find them . . . I don’t know.”

The truth is that I’ve spent a few years looking online, in books and on Twitter for anything I could make into an appropriate, comprehensible and (sometimes) funny joke for class.  Until recently, I’ve had the jokes scattered in different digital documents and on scraps of paper in my desk drawers.

I finally took the time to compile them into one resource.  Below is a link to the document.  It includes more than 300 jokes and a short introduction about how to use them in class.

300+ Chistes 


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2 Responses to 300 Chistes

  1. These are awesome and many thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to use them!

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