FeastFeast is a Disney animated short that can be used for Movie Talk.  The video can be found here and on Netflix as part of a collection of Disney short films.  Below are two of the resources I created to be used along with the video.

  1. Presentation – These slides include focus structures in Spanish (slide 2), images for the structures (slides 4-62) that can be used for games in class, a short paragraph to be read before viewing the video (slide 67) and slides to be used for Movie Talk (slides 68-149).
  2. Evaluation – This document contains two assessments.  The first is a sentence translate activity, which includes many of the focus structures.  The second is a writing assessment to be completed in class with no resources.  I collect the translation activity before distributing the writing assessment, so all written language is a demonstration of what has been internalized.
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3 Responses to Feast

  1. alligato says:

    thank you so much… needed lots of repetitions of le dio de comer…. perfect!

  2. Anabel says:

    Gracias! I am new at TPRS and was wondering about assessment (my school/dept requires it) this is so simple!

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