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Here is an easy and fun activity, which can lead to great input and many reps of important structures.  It’s great as homework or for a sub day.  The teacher supplies the students with a slide presentation with several written phrases, and students must find images that correspond to each phrase.  It’s really that simple.  Finding images requires that students engage with the language, but the true value of the activity is the follow up.  The teacher can project images from many students (there is never a shortage of volunteers to show their images) in the class and discuss/circle structures.  Notice that in order for the activity to have strong value as input, the teacher leads the discussion of images.  It is not a presentation assignment in which students each share their own.  However, it can lead to some questioning of the student if desired.

Here is an example that I used recently for a day with a substitute while I was at the incredible OFLA conference.  I received great submissions from students and we spent a lot of time discussing them in Spanish when I returned to class.

Image Search

Again, this activity is great because it is so simple and it leads to engaging questioning, circling and input.

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  1. alligato says:

    This worked unexpectedly well. Thank you for taking time to share and explain.

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