Here’s an authentic listening activity for Spanish teachers based on a recent event in Costa Rica.  I used it in place of a song at the beginning of each class for a week.  It is the script for the following short video:

Here’s what we did, using the documents linked below:

1. Start with the intro presentation.  Read together.  View the photos and the newspaper article, so students get an idea of what happened.

2. Watch the video.  It’s 58 seconds long and will not ruin later activities to view it first.  The images help establish context.

3. Turn off the screen and listen to the audio.  Use the script.  Students follow along as they listen.

4. Listen again with the script and stop it at random points.  Ask students which word would be next.

5. Instruct students to fold the paper and look only at the bottom half.  It has some incorrect words.  Play the audio and instruct students to cross out the words that were wrong.  Play multiple times if needed.

6. Play the audio again and instruct students to write as many of the the correct words as they can above words that have been crossed out.

7. Use whatever strategies necessary to read and understand the script.

Intro Presentation

Listening Script


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2 Responses to Turrialba

  1. Katya says:

    Thank you so much!! I am form Costa Rica. My parents live like 20 km from the Volcán Turrialba . I am so using this activity with my students.
    More than 10 years ago I visited the volcano and went all the way to the crater. We thought that volcano was extincted.

    • bryankandel says:

      No problem. I lived in San Antonio de Belén for two years. The school where I taught was closed a couple days last week because of the ash. We never visited Turrialba, but we did go to the crater of Poas and the base of Arenal. I hope the video and activities work well for your classes.

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