We recently completed a short unit based on the events in Iguala, Mexico and the students from Ayotzinapa.  Below is a link to a shared file, which contains a reading and several other resources.  Adapt and use as you’d like.  This topic is so large, current and constantly evolving that every Spanish teacher’s approach will be different.

Ayotzinapa File

Some of the files are source documents with links to various resources.

The two resources we used as a focus were Ayotzinapa info + Embedded Reading and Ayotzinapa reading + vocabulary.

There are also some great resources at this page also.


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1 Response to Ayotzinapa

  1. spanishplans says:

    That’s actually a repost from my site.
    Thanks for sharing your files! Such an important event for our students to know about.

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