Sangre Americana



We recently completed an embedded reading with the song “Sangre Americana” by Bacilos.  It’s an older song (released in 2004) that tells of the mistreatment of indigenous people throughout the Americas and how, despite the efforts of many, their heritage cannot be erased.  It took about 4 days to complete this small unit.  I was pleased with the way students were engaged in the topic, discussions and language use.  If you do not teach Spanish, you may have a similar song in your language.

Here are the documents we used:

Slide Presentation

Embedded Reading


And how we used them:

1. Students listened to the song in pairs and competed to see who could hear and identify the most phrases on a wordle printout.  Unfortunately, I do not have the wordle to share.  Sorry.

2. We used the first few slides of the  presentation to discuss the band Bacilos and what the song might be about.  We talked about the definition of “America” and who is an “American.”

3. We read version 1 of the embedded reading and defined a few vocabulary words that were in the first version.

4. As we read version 1, I projected some questions (on the presentation), and we discussed.

5. We defined the rest of the vocabulary.  Students wrote sentences with the new words.

6. We read version 2 together and discussed.

7. Slide 15 on the presentation contains sentences that students translated to English.  Of course, we made it into a race.

8.  We read version 3 (the complete song) and discussed.

9. We watched this video.  It is not an official video.  It was created by a youtube user with images that fit the song.

 Sangre Americana Video

10.  At the end of the video, there are descriptions of the images and information about the theme of the song.  On the slide presentation, I put screen shots of some of the video and we discussed.

11. Students completed the quiz, which requires them to translate the song and answer some discussion questions in Spanish.  As with all assessment in my classes, the quiz was unannounced.

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4 Responses to Sangre Americana

  1. Ellen Roberts says:

    Bryan – I love this song! Thank you for bringing it to our attention! While the topic is a bit difficult for my 1st & 2nd year middle school students to comprehend/discuss, there are some really nice aspects that I can use. If you want to keep going with this theme with another song, try CANCION CON TODOS. Several singers have recorded it. It is by Mercedes Sosa and there are several very nice youtube videos of it with images of the diverse scenery of Latin America as well as images of groups of people.

  2. noukk10 says:

    Thank you. thank you. thank you!

  3. Michelle says:

    This is awesome Bryan. Have you seen “Hasta la lluvia” with Gael Garica Bernal? Brutal film and a lot of inappropriate language and some violence as well. But some scenes may really capture the level of the injustice you are trying to convey. Unrelated, but me ENCANTA la luz tambien!
    Michelle in Vancouver, Canada

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