Who threw it at him?

We’ve been using the phrase “se lo trajo” (brought it to him/her) in class.  Even after a story about a waitress bringing food to clients, I felt that I needed more reps on the concept of double pronouns.  I put a student in a chair at the front of the room and said we were going to play a game called, ¿Quién te la tiró? (Who threw it at you?).  I showed the student that I had a soft nerf ball and had him close his eyes.  I asked for a volunteer, gave her the ball, and she threw it at the student with his eyes closed.  I asked the student to open his eyes and began questioning in Spanish something like this:

– Juan, Who threw it at you?    

-Pedro threw it at me.

-Class, did Pedro throw it at him?

-No, Pedro didn’t throw it at you.  Who threw it at you? . . . etc.

It’s a simple (dumb?) idea that I thought might flop, but the students loved it and were quite engaged.  I participated and tried to guess who threw it at me, and it was even more exciting for them to throw something at their teacher. Let me be very clear that we used a very soft nerf ball, and no one participated who didn’t volunteer.

You may not be currently working on similar structures, but there is a key idea here that I’ve discovered over the last few years.  The personalization of structures does not have to always be question-answer, question-answer, question-answer.  Throw in some off-the-wall activity, preferably with action/movement, and be sure to surround it with input.

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