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We listen to music nearly everyday in class, usually one new song per week.  At some point during the week, I like to show a video for the song.  And on some days, we watch videos of songs from past weeks.  There have always been two options:

  1. a lyrics video, which allows for connecting native voice to written text and for singing along
  2. the actual music video, which is way more interesting to watch.

Thanks to, we can now do both.   With amara, I can add subtitles to any youtube video.  It takes a bit of time to create the first time, but once a video is created, it provides optimum engagement for any future use.

I had to play around a bit before I got comfortable using the site.  If you try it and need help, let me know.  Here is the video I created for “Tengo tu love” by Sie7e.

Tengo tu love

*Unfortunately, amara does not show the subtitles in full screen mode, so in order to project the video and see it as large as possible, you need to zoom in (ctr +).

*Below the video, change the language to “Spanish” to see the subtitles.

*Of course, not all music videos are appropriate for class, so some songs remain “lyrics only” when we watch.


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2 Responses to for video subtitles

  1. I’ve noticed YouTube now offers CC (closed captioning). Not always perfect, but worth looking into.

  2. Jane says:

    This is great to know – thanks so much for sharing this!

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