A few new twists on an old favorite

We’ve been working with “El abrigo anaranjado“, which is an embedded reading I created based on Julio Cortázar’s “Continuidad de los parques”.   I’ve taught this reading a few times in the past, and I really enjoy it.  This time, I tried a few new wrinkles on the lessons.

1. Google Voice – After reading the third and final version of the story, I distributed this sheet to students.  They each called and read the sentences with the correct words.   It took under 5 minutes.  I’m really starting to like using Google Voice for quick comprehension checks.

2. Video – After reading all versions of the story, we watched this video.  It is different than my version and slightly different than the original, which provided for good discussions about differences.


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1 Response to A few new twists on an old favorite

  1. ahhhpoetry says:

    How many versions of this story are there and where do I find them? BTW I am now following your blog because I am looking to continue to revamp my way of teaching or facilitating the learning of TL2. Thank you for all of your great ideas!

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