Readings database

Another site update is complete . . . ish.  I cleaned up and organized many of my past reading texts and created a database.  Each story is accompanied by a list of the emphasized structures and grammar focus.  Each title is a link to a document which can be downloaded and adapted.  Currently, there are about 80 stories, but I will continue to add more.  These documents differ from the story scripts in that they are more complete and meant to be read by students.  The story database that I posted earlier contains scripts which are to be asked and acted in class and embellished with student input.

The readings database can be found at the link below and at the tab above:

TPRS Reading Texts

Keep in mind that these stories are designed to hold the attention of teenagers as they read, and reading is rarely a favorite activity.  Thus, they are filled with illogical silliness and unexpected twists.

Stay tuned for a homework idea that utilizes these readings or your own.

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