Adding a visual effect

Here’s a simple trick to change things up just a bit and hold attention.  Utilize your projector to add visuals to a story with actors.

Recently, we were working with this story (based on Mike Peto’s very creative original version) about dreams.  I had a student actor who wanted to dream about Miley Cyrus and was doing many silly things at night to influence his dreams.  However, he kept dreaming about others (Barack Obama, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber).  As we got to the point in the story where he dreamed about each of the others, I clicked the the slides over to a visual depiction of each dream.

Here are the slides with the PQA questions for terms in Spanish:  Quiere soñar con Miley – PQA

I used the same idea earlier in the year with this story about a boy who was looking for love on the internet.  When it came time for the student actor to get online and search for dates, I projected these profiles, so the class could see and choose the best option for him.

It’s a pretty simple idea, but it did help to engage students in each case.

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