Freeze Frame

The following activity was used today as a transition between two main vocabulary sets.  Last week, we watched and discussed the paperman video.  During the discussion, I focused on three terms:

estaba enojado – was angry

no quería trabajar – did not want to work

tiró un avión de papel – threw a paper airplane

After our discussion, we had a day in the library for SLO “I can” statements and a long weekend.  I felt like I needed to re-visit the structures before moving on, so I decided to try “Freeze Frame”.

First we read this story about a man who did not go to work and made his boss angry:

Paco no quería trabajar

Then I asked for two actors to come to the front of class.  All other students were directors and were given a slip of paper with one scene from the story.  Each director had to position the two actors to fit his/her scene.  After each scene was set, I narrated it and a student photographer snapped a photo.   Tomorrow, we will use the photos as a basis for retells and/or free writing.

*This activity may work better if each group acts as director and actors, forming a freeze frame themselves.  I used the same two actors for each scene because I wanted consistent characters for the retells.

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