Google voice for participation makeup

After a couple weeks of getting settled into the school year, we are ready to begin tracking participation points.  Again this year, I will be using class dojo.  I am at a new school now, so the process will be new for all of the students.  We will do a two-week trial run for students to get a feel for how much they need to speak.  After the two weeks, I will start entering points into the gradebook.

One issue that always comes up with participation points is what to do with students who miss class.  I am sticking to my stance that students are responsible to make up what they miss in the same way they would be responsible to make up a math worksheet if they had missed math class.  Last year, I used Michigan State’s RIA website to allow students to complete video interviews to makeup points.  My new school does not have the same amount of access to computers with webcams, so I have developed an updated plan.  Below is a word document to download and the text pasted.  I have decided to use Google Voice as an option.  I will update the sentence starters as we progress through the year.

Participation Point Makeup

Participation Point Makeup

*When you miss class, you are responsible for making up participation points.

*There are 3 ways to make up points:

1. Participate a lot the following day(s), enough to cover the day you missed.

2. Set up a time to talk with Profe.  You will have a Spanish conversation.  Each Spanish statement you say is worth a point. You can schedule a time before school, after school or mods 1,2,17 or 18.

3. Leave a Spanish voicemail.  You can call XXX-XXX-XXXX and record a voicemail.  Each statement in Spanish is worth a point.  Use any of the following sentence starters to form statements.

  1. Ayer, yo . . .
  2. Mañana, yo voy a . . .
  3. Estoy . . . porque . . .
  4. Durante el fin de semana . . .
  5. Yo quiero . . .
  6. Mi familia es . . . (describe)
  7. Mi mejor amigo es . . . (describe)
  8. En el tiempo libre, me gusta . . .
  9. Una persona muy especial es . . . (y describe)
  10. Mi héroe es . . . porque . . .
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