¿Dónde está Waldo?

We’re getting ready for final exams next week.  As I did with the third quarter exams, I will be measuring students’ proficiency in  reading, writing, listening and speaking.  The speaking component will be a one-on-one interview with me.  One of the interview tasks will be to describe what happened in a picture.  As an example, I decided to use some “Where’s Waldo?” images.  They are great because there is so much going on for students to describe.  The trick is to find images that are not too cluttered.  As a practice, I projected a Waldo scene and asked students to describe it to a partner.  I set a timer for one minute and had the partner count how many statements the other made.  Then, they switched.  After both partners finished, I was able to point to parts and ask, “What happened here?, What was she wearing?, Where were they? . . . etc.”  Of course, students have trouble focusing on the speaking until we find Waldo in each image.  Then, they are able to proceed.  So, you may want to locate him yourself before you begin.


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