I tried inklewriter for the first time (here).  Inklewriter allows you to create interactive writings.  The result is similar to the old “choose your own adventure” books.  Readers select from different options to direct the path of the story.  It has great potential for use in a TPRS class.

My initial thought was to create a reading and have students use computers to go through it on their own.  I may try this in the future, but for the first one I projected it and used the smart board to go through it together.  Doing it as a class allowed me to control the outcome a bit (much like a magician forcing a card).

There are a couple issues to keep in mind when using inklewriter.  First, in order to create a story with several potential paths, I needed to write several different stories.  It took quite a bit of time to develop each branch.  As bedtime approached, I had to end several of the branches abruptly.  It becomes a matter of how many different options you want to create and if you want certain options to be dead ends that force the reader to return to a previous point.

Another issue is accent marks.  I did not find a way to insert them into inklewriter, so I had to write in a Word document and copy and paste, a step that required extra time as well.

The classes seemed to enjoy the activity.  It was something a bit new for them.  I liked it because the choices allowed me to get more reps of certain terms and required that students pay attention in order to know what to pick.

Here is the story I created.  Again, this is my first attempt.  I’m sure there are some more tricks I could learn.

¿Quién tenía la culpa?

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