Another small victory for TPRS

I had a very encouraging conversation with a parent recently.  Her daughter is one of our Spanish students who is applying for Dual Enrollment next year.  The application includes a placement test at a local college.  I get a bit frustrated at the idea of the test because I fear it is grammar-based and emphasizes points that should not be emphasized (specific rules instead of communication).   Maybe I’m just paranoid.

Many of our students have taken the test, and others will be taking it soon.  Those who have taken it already have done very well.  The results themselves were encouraging, but my conversation with the student’s parent was even better.  She said that her daughter told her the following (I don’t remember exactly how she stated it, so I’ll add a few of my own words):

If we had been learning with textbooks, we would not have been able to handle that test.  Because of what we do in class (stories, reading, using the language in authentic situations), we were not intimidated by the test – even the difficult parts.  We felt well-prepared and confident.     

First of all, that is incredible insight from a student.  Secondly, it was another encouraging reminder of the value of CI and TPRS.

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