nunca te olvidaré

One of our structures this week was “nunca te olvidaré” (I will never forget you).  Today, we will listen to a song by Enrique Iglesias with the same title.  We often listen to music and complete cloze activities, but songs are especially useful when they can be extended or used as a base for more language use.  Below is the document that we will be using.  Here is what we will do:

1. listen to the song and fill in blanks in lyrics

2. watch video of song with lyrics sheet completed

3. group or partner translate sections of song

4. give background for song – In the song, Enrique has obviously lost a lover.  Students tell why.  Where has she gone?  Why?

5. tell what happens next – Students use future tense to tell what Enrique will do next.

6. add new verse – I wrote parts, and students fill in blanks to create a new verse

Nunca te olvidaré – Enrique Iglesias

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