9 weeks evaluation – Day 2: Reading, Listening and Writing

Day 2 of the evaluation consisted of reading, listening and writing.  Here’s what we did:

Listening: I had my wife help me record two conversations – one for level 2 and one for level 3.  Much of the content was conversational phrases that have shown up in vocabulary structures throughout the year (Leave me alone, Don’t say that, I can’t stand it anymore, I want you to be . . . etc.)  Students listened and answered comprehension questions in English.  They answered in English so that I could isolate their listening abilities for evaluation with this section.

Reading: I created a short reading for each level that contained several structures from the year.  Again, students answered questions in English to show comprehension.

Writing: I gave each class three prompt options to write about.  Again, I offered a choice of topics, so I could evaluate writing proficiency and not one specific vocabulary set.  For each prompt, I wrote up a short paragraph in English for students to use as a base for their writing.  They were instructed not to translate the prompt but rather to use it as a base for their writing.  The prompts left out certain details (see below).  Students could add to or change any detail they wanted.  The point of the somewhat scripted prompts was to help students who are intimidated by the idea of creating.  Some students are at ease with creating and need very little direction.  Others struggle to come up with ideas.  Although I love to use my class to foster creative thinking, I wanted this section to evaluate their writing abilities and not their creativity.

Spanish 2 prompts:

A.  A cowboy had a horse that was a great friend.  Something bad happened to the horse.  The man searched for a new horse.  There were problems with the first two horses he found.  The third horse was perfect for him.

B. A woman and man met and fell in love.  After a while, the woman was sick of the man’s bad habits.  He did (or didn’t do) three bad things.  Each time, she told him he should not do that.  The man was sick of the woman and found another woman.  The woman knew the truth and they fought.

C. Two brothers lived in a house with their mother.  She told them to do certain chores in the house.  The older brother complained a lot because the younger brother had easier chores (at least three).  Every time the older brother complained, his mother gave him more work.  The older brother left the house and went to live with someone else.      

Spanish 3 prompts:

A. A boy fell in love with a girl.  He sent her a text to express his love, but he sent it to the wrong person.  The person who received the text had a boyfriend.  He saw the text and got mad at the first boy.  They fought.

B. A carpenter had a special hammer, but he lost it.  He wanted to buy a new hammer.  He went to three places.  There were problems at the first two places.  He found the perfect hammer at the third place.  He used the new hammer to do something remarkable.

C. A girl found a magic ring and put it on.  She became successful in life.  Her sister was jealous and stole the ring.  The girl looked for her sister.  When she finally found her, they fought for the ring.

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  1. Julie says:

    so many great ideas, Bryan. I am making a file for my methods course!

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