Paperman screenshots for Movie Talk

We did Movie Talk with the paperman video today.  I created a Power Point with screenshots of the video to use for discussion after watching it.  In each class, we watched the video first and then went through the slides and discussed it.  Students enjoyed the video, which held their interest pretty well during the discussion.  There was not much new language during our discussion, mostly just review and describing the scenery and what was happening.

Here is the Power Point.  The video is nearly 6 minutes long, so there are many slides (over 100).  Trying to spend a lot of time on each slide would be torture.  I skipped through some, quickly narrated some and stopped some slides for longer discussion.  The last slide is a collage that students could as a basis for writing or speaking a summary.  I didn’t have time to get to the collage in any classes today.  I’ll probably use it next week.

El hombre de papel


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