Interactive readings

Here’s an activity I’ve used before and we did again today.  It takes advantage of the fact that nearly all of our freshmen and sophomores have their own computers.  Even without computers, this activity could be completed with paper and pencil.

I created a simple reading with recent vocabulary.  I left blanks in the story for students to fill in details.  Between paragraphs, I wrote instructions for students to add to the story.  These can be very detailed or open.  More direction = more correct language.  Less direction = more freedom for students.

Here are some examples of instructions from different readings today:

– Use “aba” verbs to state two more things that the main character used to do.  These must be “a” verbs.

– Write what he did when he behaved badly.  This action happened only once, so any verbs should end with “ó/ió”

– Write what the teacher said he will do in the future.  Use future verbs: infinitive + á

I really find that this type of direction is a meaningful way to practice grammar points.  At the end, I asked students to write four sentences about what happens next.

Students downloaded the document onto their computers, made the changes and additions and uploaded it to our school drop box.  I was able to project the versions of volunteers and read them as a class.

Here are the two readings we used today:

las metas – interactive reading (level 3)

Pat y Victor – interactive reading (level 2)

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