Here’s another website that I’ve found to be valuable.  Screencast-o-matic ( allows me to easily make videos of what is on my computer screen while I narrate with my voice.  There are other programs that can be used for the same purpose.  Some offer more options for editing, but what I like about screencast-o-matic is the ease of use.  It is not necessary to download any software.  Everything can be controlled from the website, and uploading the finished video is simple.

Some possible uses:

1. Flipping the classroom – I use this for my Spanish 4 class (not currently a TPRS class).  I use screencast-o-matic and Power Point to record myself explaining vocabulary or grammar concepts.  The notes become homework, which allows us more time for language use and practice in class.  More about flipping the classroom here:

2. Substitute days – I rarely have a sub who knows Spanish.  I can use SOM to record myself telling a story with images, giving instructions . . . etc.

3. Alternate story format – Even when I am in class, sometimes an SOM video is enough of a change to engage students.

4. Display student work – When students draw or create anything for class, I can scan it, put it on a Power Point presentation and display it for all to see with narration.

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