Super Bowl Ads – Freeze Frame

I was using Movie Talk with the Super Bowl commercials today, and I was getting frustrated at constantly moving back and forth from my computer to pause it.  I also felt like we were wasting some time by re-watching every commercial in order to pause at some points.  After school, I did some thinking and researching for a better way.  I think I found one.  I made Power Point presentations for each commercial and included screen shots of all the places I wanted to pause.  Now we can watch the video through once and then go back and flip through slides of various scenes.  It should flow much smoother.  I imagine I’ll use this technique often with Movie Talk clips that are on the computer.  Creating the slides was easier than I expected.  It was just a matter of using the “print screen” key to capture screen shots and then pasting them onto a Power Point slide.  Below are the files I used.  Feel free to use them.  The files are a bit large.

No hay leche – Movie Talk

El hombre habla Raggae – Movie Talk

Una lucha en la biblioteca – Movie Talk

El chico necesita un equipo – Movie Talk

Los viejos comen tacos – Movie Talk


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