Movie Talk – Super Bowl Commercials

I did some Movie Talk activities in a few classes with Super Bowl Commercials.  Some were better than others based on the content, dialogue, images . . . etc.

Here is the Power Point I made with links to most of the school appropriate commercials:

Movie Talk – Super Bowl ads

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5 Responses to Movie Talk – Super Bowl Commercials

  1. lauriecq says:

    The Audi commercial about the young man going to Prom was perfect for us since Prom Time is just around the corner in my building :o)

    with love,

  2. Christina says:

    Hi Bryan! You are AMAZING! Thank you for posting your movie talk ideas. I’m borrowing everything I can! Super bowl ads is a genius idea!
    These links here on this PPT are all expired. Do you have an updated list?

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