Chain Reaction

I got this idea from  I’ve been wanting to try it out, and today I was able to use it in Spanish 3.  I created seven cards with questions and answers.  I chose seven because all of my sections of Spanish 3 divide by seven.  Each student’s card has one question and one answer.  I indicated which student had question #1.  He/she read the question, and all students checked their own cards for an appropriate answer.  The student whose answer was correct read it aloud.  Then, he/she read his/her question and the chain continued.  I was concerned that things may get confusing if the correct answers were not clear.  Apparently they were clear because there were almost no problems all day.  It was a nice quick activity to do after a story with 10 minutes left in class.  It ran incredibly smoothly for the first time.

Here is the form I used today.  It is specific to vocabulary we’ve been working on recently, but you can get an idea for how it works.

chain reaction

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